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I have a weird problem with my Rav4 2011 (V6 limited). I'll try to explain it as well as I can so you can understand..:laugh

Each morning, my car is parked in my parking. So when I am leaving Homs, I have to put my transmission to reverse, and then, put it to drive to go to work. The thing is that 95% of the time, when the car pass from going back to advance, I heard a big noise from rear (I think coming from my brakes but I'm not sure). Since it's a 4X4, it might be something else...

The car does this noise only once. After that, I can pass from back to advance and no issue. Even if I stop the car for a few hours and start it again, no problem. This noise only happens when the mechanics of the car is cold. And another important point, I am not hearing the noise at the same time that I press on the brake pedals.

So does someone had the same issue and with some chance, found a solution.

Thanks !
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