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rear suspension squeak/creak

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I have a 2011 that's developed a squeak/creak on the passenger side rear suspension. You can hear it mostly at low speeds, only occasionally, and not at all above about 25 mph. Handles and brakes fine. Just had an alignment done about 1000 miles ago after purchasing new tires (they weren't able to adjust the rear at all--said everything was seized up but it was within spec. or very close).

I crawled under to look, nothing obviously broken or wrong to my eye. But I'm not a suspension expert so could be missing something.

Any ideas what might be going on? Hoping it's as simple as a shock that needs to be replaced but probably more involved than that.

You think it's safe to drive in this condition until I can figure out what's going on? I may have to break down and take it to the dealer or at least a reputable suspension shop.

Thanks for any help.
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The lugs holding it in place werent all tightened about equal. So at certain bumps/movements the tire would rock alittle and cause a creek type noise we couldnt find for months
Ha - I have that issue too. If the spare doesn't hold tightly to the door it will shudder and creak. Also the license plate can rattle too. As for suspension, I'm in the same boat myself right now and learning, but I've seen it recommended to spray a rubber-safe silicone lubricant on each bushing one by one to lessen any creaking and help you isolate which one the noise is coming from.
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