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Hi Guys,

I am working on my moms Rav4 2004 4 cylinder with 240k+ miles. I usually work on Mopars but I am at a loss here and could use some advice on this toyota.

Past work I have done on her car:
-Replaced alternator (less than 1 year)
-Replaced Belt (less than 1 year)
-Replaced battery (less than 5 months)
-Replaced MAF
-Replaced Spark plugs
-Replaced valve cover gasket

Here's the problem. She told her A/C stopped working when she was driving about 3 weeks ago and the brakes felt weaker ( she just needs new pads). So she brought her car over and and i let her use my spare urban assault vehicle (GMC yukon) till i got her car fixed. Well I drove it that day and didn't notice anything besides her usual O2 sensor CEL and that the A/C only ran cold when idling. It would heat up when you started to drive past 15mph.

Well, I didn't have time to work on it till 2 days ago. When i tried to move the car into the garage, it would not turn over at all, i cranked 7-9 times before i turned over and then it just stalled out and died, this repeated itself for another 3 attempts. Finally i got it to stay running but it was very rough and idling sporadically between 700-1200 RPM. I let it sit for about 10 minutes to warm up. She has a quarter tank, battery was good and all the lights turned on. So i took it for a drive and i noticed it was stumbling and driving a bit rough, I hit the gas and noticed a lack of power. I decided to turn around and took a left at the next side street. As soon as i started going back down the road it stumbled and stall on me. I was running the A/C unit and the car wouldnt start. i turned it off and it took a few more tries and finally it turned over. It stalled on me another 2 times before i got it back to the house. The entire trip i was under 40MPH.

Decided to check codes, well i had 25 of them from, misfire, transmission, a/c, all 4 coils, all sensors, and so on. I accidentally erased the codes so i cant share them now.

Well I proceed to check the engine, belt looked good. A/C compressor was clicking on and off every 5 seconds, idle was up and down, no leaks, no vac leaks, battery was good, no lose connections.

Next day I Replaced the MAF, cleaned the TB and changed the spark plugs. Noticed the far right spark plug had some oil residue (really hoping its not a dead cylinder but i think its from when she blew her valve cover gasket and was spraying oil all over the engine bay-need to check compression next). Started it up, Noticed the speedo stopped working too which was previously working fine.

Today I drove it around for awhile, it drove better and started right up. Exhaust smells fine, not too rich or lean. still struggled when pushing the gas in, felt like it might die but it recovers, still feel a loss of power. But it didn't die, speedo started working again (very odd!). Popped 6 codes, P2238, P0351, P0352, P0353, P0354, P0778.

I saw a video about a guy with a rav4 unplugging the coils one at a time. May try that tonight. Do these coils go out all at once? I may also change out the Cam position sensor too.

-Why did the A/C go out? Worked fine a day before
-No prior problems to stalling and dying
-Why did the speedo stop working then start to work again the next day?
-Suddenly popping a lot of codes?
-Why the sudden transmission error? Cant find any info on it for the RAV4

Thoughts? Similar situation? Fixes?


Found this so not sure if this is true or not then it might just be a coil pack?
Toyota RAV4 P0778 Possible Solution :

Disconnected, dirty or fouled spark plugs are common causes for engines that won't start. Spark plugs typically need to be replaced every season or 25 hours of use. You should also check that the spark plug gap is set properly. If your spark plugs look good, problems with your ignition system can also preventing a spark. These can range from a faulty spark plug lead, shorted kill switch or flywheel key damage.
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