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Recommendations for 2023 RAV4 Hybrid XSE Trail/Overland Wheel/Tire Setup

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Hi all,
Taking delivery of my '23 XSE (white) in a couple of days and I can't decide what shoes to put on. I love the Method/LP Adventure look, probably with Falken Wildpeak Trails. I was thinking 235 or 245, 65/17. What are your thoughts on these or other options for looks, minimal MPG loss and size without rubbing?

Thanks in advance!
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I’d start with your priorities. Is a larger tire absolutely necessary or is it more so for looks? Personally I’d opt for any mild AT pattern in stock size to retain your MPG and stock handling capabilities, especially if the vast majority of your driving time will still be on road. I recently got the pirelli scorpion atr plus all terrain tires in OEM 225/65r17 size for only $140 each. I’d also save money and forgo purchasing rims. I’d find a quality aftermarket skid plate more useful. If the intent is to explore and log some miles, having extra gas money is always a win.
You can’t go wrong with the Wildpeaks, having good on road manners and not losing too much in the mpg department. Also the three peak mountain snow rating is highly desirable if you live in a temperate region with snow in the winters. I have chosen the same 235/65-17 tire size but went with Toyo AT3 (I preferred their looks over the Wildpeaks, a personal choice), and Enkei TS-V 17x8 +35 wheels. I wish these wheels had a shorter offset like the ones you’re considering, but it maintains the same stance as factory wheels and tires, while saving 4lb per wheel/tire combo compared to factory.
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I second the falken's , I just put on a set of 235-65r17 Wildpeak trails on my rav4 , they're not too aggressive , like the toyo at3 or the wild peak at3's imo , these are specifically aimed at cuv crossovers like our rav's . handling improved significantly by going with the 235's , mileage has not suffered at all . Plus the UTGQ rating of these wildpeak a/t trail's is the best in the segment .

245's looks cool but kill your mpg ..


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