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Hey everyone! Anyone found a cargo carrier in the $300-$400 range that fits on the fixed factory cross bars on the 5th gen ravs (19’-22’ all trim excluding adventure and trd off road) WITHOUT any special modifications? Which do you recommend?
I’m ideally looking for about 16 cu ft and nothing more than 40ish pounds (about what I can physically carry so I can put on and take off myself). It’s job will be to hold suitcases and various other stuff for weekend road trips as the Rav’s back seats are folded and the whole back space is dedicated to a 113lb arthritic senior Swissy and a 47lb sheepdog :LOL:
I know this topic has been on here before, but I still haven’t quite found the answers I’m looking for, so thanks in advance for taking the time!
… I have read on here the Thule Force XT large and the Yakima skybox 16 fit, but those are upward around $800 and the Thule force had bad reviews with a crummy plastic lock and flimsy cover. If I’m spending close to a grand on a thing to hold more things, it better be darn perfect. The Yakima website is really user friendly and lets you know what fits the 2019 Rav (what I have) but the Thule website literally says none of their cargo boxes are compatible.
I was looking to buy the Sportrack vista lx as that seemed ideal but none of their stuff works with the fixed cross bars either, and I’m not handy with a drill :rolleyes:. I literally had no idea this would be so difficult! I will get an $800 product if people say it’s the best thing of all time (Thule Motion XT work anyone?), but I really don’t want to spend that much. Thanks!
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