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The hard part is getting the plastic lens housing off of the instrument cluster. There is not enough room with the steering wheel attached. But it has to come off to get the dash off. Also has to come off to replace lights in the instrument panel. So here is how I did it.

Remove the one screw at the top of the lens housing. Pull the top out first as far as it will go. I had to pry it with two pry bars and a large screw driver. The plastic is flexible so I was able to do this without breaking it. You have to do the same thing to get it back in. This piece has to come off to get the dash off because there are two screws, one on each side and below the steering column that have to come out to get the dash off.

After you have the lens housing off it's easy. Take the screws out as mentioned above, and the screws that hold the plastic piece around the radio. To get this piece off you have to remove the radio on off button. There are two screws on the bottom of this piece. Remove the nut that holds the instrument light brightness control on the upper left corner of the dash. The dash snaps in at the corners. Pull on the upper corners and it will come loose. Leave the heating cooling ducts attached.

If you have to get at the heater controls you can unplug the emergency flasher, rear defrost and overdrive electric control but I don't think you need to in order to remove the dash. I did cause I had to get at the heater controls.

Bottom line is its darn hard to get the lens cover off with the steering wheel on. There is a video on line that shows how to replace instrument lights and you can get a feel for how to do this watching the video. I had to use tools to pry it in and out and the video seems to show it getting done just by pushing on it.
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