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Greetings fellow Rav4 owners,

A few months ago, I purchased my first every Toyota, and so far, I am absolutely loving it (A limited with all the fancy tech). This hybrid gets some insane fuel economy (coming from an '08 v8 Audi). Anyways, after looking at it for 3 months, I wanted to do something small just to spice up the look. My Audi is silver and has carbon fibre mirror caps that I installed a while back, and I think they look amazing. Since my Rav4 is silver, I thought I'd make it match by installing some CF mirror housings.

Unfortunately, unlike with the Audi, I don't think there are an abundance of people out there who are looking to go CF with their hybrid SUVs. For this reason, I need to see if I can find out a few things first. a.) Will mirror housings (and by housings, I mean the painted, or plastic on the LE model, housings that are on the front facing side of the mirror) from a 2013-2015 work on a 2016 hybrid? b.) Where can I find instructions for just removing this one part? I am able to get CF mirror housings (just the shell) with all the clips for a 2013-2015 model, but have yet to find any for 2016, which is why I'm asking. And direct instructions seem to be impossible to find....

Any help would be appreciated! The only other similar threads I could find either had the housing already off, or had it knocked off in an accident and the whole mirror was being replaced.

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