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Hello fellow Rav4 enthusiasts. My son and I just picked up a 99 RAV4 a few weeks ago and we are going through it and fixing what needs to be fixed. I have always liked these little suv's. My wife bought one new back in 1999 and we had to sell it due to our family size increasing. That was years ago and now that the kids are all grown up we had an opportunity to purchase another one. It looks really cute next to my 1993 FZJ80 land cruiser. Same color (green) and everything. Like big brother and little brother. It will be used mainly by my son as a door dash delivery car. Good gas mileage, lots of cargo space, and AWD. We have spent the last few weekends at our local pick n pull getting parts and we have just about everything that we need to fix what needs fixing. We lucked out and found a very nice 00 there that looked to have a very well cared for life. Front-end collision appears to have put it in the junkyard. Anyhow the one thing I can't seem to figure out how to remove are these rear lower control arms. The ones on our RAV are bent. Seems to be a common issue as I saw two in the junkyard with bent arms as well. I have removed my fair share of control arms in my day, but these have those camber bolts installed and have me scratching my head how to get them off. I spent a good hr in the junkyard trying to remove them from the upper mount. I got the bolt out and the camber washers off, but there is still what looks like the inner race sticking out past the upper mount and it will not slide out. I thought maybe the race was corroded in there. But it would not budge striking it with a hammer. What is the secret to removing these camber bolts\adjustment cams to allow the control arm to come out of the upper mount? Here is a pic of how badly ours are bent..
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