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I'm from Spain. I've been registered since many years before by other nickname, but the last time I couldn't login with my old nickname. I use frequently this Spanis forum: TOYOTA RAV4 - Foros and this is my car with all mods I've done: TOYOTA RAV4 - Toques personales - Preparaciones

I've been 10 years with my car, a RAV4 2.2 European model and thanks to this forum, I've found many tricks and device to implement to my car, like speed lock module or mirror with Homelink integrated remote or auto folding side mirror when lock the car.

I've installed 2 car stereo head unit. The first one was a Windows CE system and the second one a Klyde Android system, CPU rk3066 and 800x480, but it's working too slow and if you install the last versions of Waze or Sygic and all of you want to have installed, the system works slowly.

I've seen a new model with 10" screen, but I don't know if it will fit well. I don't know if it will look like well at the bottom, the extra part added. I've looked for a picture of a RAV4 with this Car Nav system installed but I've found nothing.

Have you ever seen this model installed? does it look like well integrated?

There is another 8-9" head unit, but I don't like too much, it has a old CPU and more expensive. I prefer the 10" model or clasic 7" model:

Thanks for reading me.
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