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My wife has scuffed the wheel arch extension on the front of our new RAV4 (the piece that attaches to the front bumper). I have bought a replacement but would like to know if anybody has replaced this part and what I need to do to remove the old one. The fixings appear to be hidden behind the black wheel arch liner.
Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. Thanks

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From what it shows in my factory service manual, the front extensions are held onto the bumper with just 3 bolts, using no plastic clips or moulding tape. In order to remove the fender extension, you need to remove the splash guard inside the wheel well, which is very easy to do. It is held on by a few clips and philips screws which are easy to locate. There are few screws near the bottom of the panel where it connects to the bumper cover, and there are clips along the top arch where it connects to the metal outer fender. These clips break easily, but if you use a small flat head screwdriver to pry up the button in the center of the clip, you can remove them.

Keep in mind that the black wheel well liner itself is quite large, so you don't have to remove the whole thing. Turn your steering wheel to give you a little more room to work with. It's easiest if you lie on the ground facing up, and remove the three screws, two located under the panel and facing the ground, and the other located just inside the wheel well facing towards the back of the car. If you remove those screws and bend the panel out of the way, you should be able to reach in there with a wrench or pliers and loosen up the bolts.
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