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I was wondering if someone could write out exact instructions for replacing Coil D for me since I know absolutely nothing about cars! I've seen instructions for replacing the coils in the back, but would prefer just instructions for replacing one of the front coils so as not to confuse myself. Referencing the sticky post with the annotated picture would help a lot. I appreciate the help!

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Replacing one of the front coils on a V6 goes like this:
Open the hood.
Remove the plastic cover over the top of the engine.
Disconnect the electrical connector at the coil being careful not to break the plastic clip.
Remove the bolt holding the coil in using a 10mm socket.
Remove the coil.
Install the new coil.
Insert and tighten the 10mm bolt.
Reconnect the electrical connector.
Replace the engine cover.
Close the hood.
Takes longer to type it than do it. :cheers:
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