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Replacing Rear Coil Spring - 4WD Model

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Good Morning All,

Has anyone performed a rear coil spring replacement on the 4WD version? I’m trying to swap the pair since the right side
was broken near the perch.

I found a few threads that indicated if the sway bar link and the shock absorber were removed, the assembly should drop enough to remove the spring. However, it appears the rear CV axle is preventing it from dropping enough, the spring is still compressed.

I suspect I will have to remove part of the rear CV axle such as the end connected to the differential.

Any suggestions? Thank you all in advanced.

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If you remove the rear shocks and sway-bar links, just push with your hands down the whole side of the axle. You will have room to drag the coil spring out. There is absolutely no need to mess with cv axles just to replace a coil spring.
Thanks again Neuropr! Followed your advice and managed to get that dreaded coil out. Had to put a lot more weight than what I had anticipated.
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