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Replacing spark plugs rav4 2004

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Hello. What is the recommended torque for the spark plugs on a rav4 2004? The spark plugs on a bosch says 21 ft lbs. D you go by the Toyotas specs or the makers one? . I am located in the US.
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According to the Haynes manual it says to torque: 2001 to 2005 at 15 Ft-lbs. Going to 21 ft lbs you are over torquing it. Just remember a spark plug is not just made for one car. Some have steel heads and some have aluminum heads. Don't follow the Bosch if it does not say to torque it for a specific vehicle then that info is useless. Also I prefer NGK or Denso which are recommended by Toyota. I have used Bosch on a Camry with no problems so as long as you don't have performance problem should be ok.
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