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I've been slowly upgrading all the incandescent bulbs in the interior and exterior of my Rav4 Prime 2021 to LEDs. I am trying to replace the Front Marker Lights, but having a hard time getting the old bulb out even though it's easy to access. To be clear, it's this bulb I'm talking about:
Inside on the left and right sides is a wire attached to a grey plastic assembly that clips onto a black assembly. I can tell the bulb is inside the black assembly. I can get the grey plastic cover off, but can't get the black assembly out to replace the bulb. I tried turning it but it won't budge. Any advice? Thanks! I tried YouTube but the videos are for a regular Rav4 and it's not the same.
I’d like to know too. I have a 2023 and I can’t seem to figure in out. All the 2022 videos doesn’t apply and the manual say to take all these light replacements to the dealer.
Look in your owners manual. My manual says you turn them counter clockwise to remove them.

It may be helpful to remove the electrical connector first (press the tab on the side hard). To get better leverage, use a paper towel or cloth wrapped around them, then an adjustable pliers to turn them.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts