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First post... Colgan sales rep?
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Posted by: Jimfrancis
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I've had bras on every one of my cars for over 40 years, sometimes OEM and sometimes Colgan (and one LeBra). Colgan is a good company and makes a good product. And they protect well. Nose protection is almost a necessity here on the gulf coast where we have those little spawns of the devil called love bugs twice a year. The acid in their bodies will eat through a clear coat very quickly.

It is an old wives tale that bras destroy the paint. The bras are made with a soft inner liner that protects the paint. Damage to the paint comes from those owners that take shortcuts and don't remove the bra when they wash the car. It is possible to get sand under the bra, I suppose, but they fit quite tight and, as I understand it, this is a problem only if the bra is old and "flaps" in the wind while driving. Having said that, however, I once bought a brand new 1994 Previa. I put on an OEM Toyota bra at the dealership the day I bought it. I removed the bra FOR THE FIRST TIME 20 years later when I gave the vehicle to my niece. The paint under the bra looked virtually new, while the paint on the rest of the car was faded and dull. So much for hurting the paint! It was the best part of the car!

I have a brand new RAV4, just two months old. The first thing I bought was a Colgan bra. Apparently Toyota now only sells the clear ones. From info derived from my friends, these bras will eventually start turning yellow and need to be replaced. And THAT is where the real problem comes in. They are stuck down to the paint so hard, especially if it has been several years, that getting it off really screws up the paint, ironically far more than a fabric bra ever would.

And, Y'know, the black ones just look GOOOOD! Sorta gives it an aggressive look.

Colgan bras are pricey and requires a bit of effort to take on and off, but I strongly recommend them. There are cheaper bras out there, but Colgan has been around for a very long time and have many happy customers. I feel LeBra is ok, but Colgan is better quality.

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Could be but the IP address checks out (Florida) and no link to the manufacturer. I'm leaving it alone.
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