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So I did the wiring today and it took me approx 2 hours. The instructions that came with it weren't totally accurate... but they were close. It could have been more helpful knowing where the snaps / clips were involved.

Strategy: mount Curt trailer wiring harness, feed wiring through the interior cabin trim panels (instead of under the car) and through the firewall.

I'm going to repeat some pictures from earlier just to make this complete:

Curt Trailer Harness:

Trunk (yes, it's dirty already...)

Starting from the driver's side, remove all of the screws (only 1) and bolts (4) to loosen the panel. Two of the bolts are holding anchor rings. Sorry, forgot to draw in the arrows this time! But they aren't hard to find

Continue making your way around the edge of the spare tire well and unscrew the screws and pop out the plastic tabs. I'm undoing the utility tray in this picture

The tray comes out really easily

Now you can work on the trunk opening's lower edge: by using a dowel or chopstick. There are 6 or so little plastic connectors that just pop out fairly easily:

Close-up of the tabs:

Trunk opening bottom edge easily comes out:

I removed this tray. It's held together by 4 screws and really stubborn plastic tabs, which I'm not sure how to easily put back. I would not recommend removing this tray. I think it was a mistake... not necessary. But I'm adding a note here just in case.

Okay on to the connectors. Unfortunately according to the diagram included in the Curt kit, the connector should be right here behind the dark plastic panel! But it's clearly not here

To get to the connector, you have to actually peel open the panel above the black one. You can see part of the connector hiding back there

Connector Close-up

Mounted the converter box and plugged the connectors in-line with the above connectors. Sorry for the crappy picture but it was a low-light shot

Fed the wiring through this hole for now.

Fed the black wire (power) along the inside of the bumper, under plastic trim panels and then under the glove compartment. In this picture I'm tucking the wire under a panel near the back seat

When you get to the glove box, open it, disconnect the dampener on the inside-right of the box, and disconnect it by squeezing the two sides of the box together. Lift it out of place. You can see the wire under the glove box

Glove compartment removed with room to feed the wire behind it

Behind the padding in the far right corner, a bundle of wires go into the firewall.

Inspecting the wire bundle: Front left to right you can see: Wire bundle, thin tube, and our wire to the far right. I am jamming the wire through the existing hole that the tube is using.

Open up your hood and look behind the passenger shock tower to find this grommet with wires protruding:


I pulled the wire through with pliers very carefully (the wire is the longest thing in the picture... going to the hands holding the phone camera)

For the wire in the engine compartment, I fed the wire into the split wire loom. Then I spliced in the fuse. I had to use pretty hefty pliers to bend the metal. I wrapped the butt connector with electrical tape. Taped some parts of the split loom too.

You can see the neon green zip ties holding the split loom closed. I also made sure that the wire wasn't touching anything that could be hot. I may re-route just to anchor it to something better. But for now, it's on an eyelet on both shock towers.

Tested the lights and they're ready for towing! All I need is to buy a draw bar for my trailer. Trackdays here I come!

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They appear loud & clear on page 2 so?????????? PM sent to OP saying all is well.
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