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Post: Traction Control Problems Please Help!!
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Posted by: myvitiello
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PLEASE HELP, SOMEONE, ANYONE! I have a 2004 AWD Rav4 168,000 miles. I am having a major issue with the Traction control VSC ABS system. It started off by beeping around slight turns in the road. Eventually it became more and more sensitive to the point where it actually engages my traction control and "breaks" my car automatically around the smallest turns on the highway. It is becoming more and more dangerous to drive as I don't don't when the car is going to suddenly break on me. My car has a missing switch to turn off the traction control and my mechanic says I should purchase a new switch so that he can determine what the codes give off when hooked to the computer. Has anyone else experienced this before? Is it a problem with my tires? or could it be a faulty traction control sensor? or could it be this missing switch that is causing the signal to engage the traction control??? I'm at a point where I HATE drving the car because it's getting dangerous on the highway.
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