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Post: Mechanic destroyed my engine
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Posted by: mccl0257
Original Content:
Yesterday, I took my rav4 to the mechanic for a simple brake/rotor job. I come back an hour later and I see my car in the shop with the hood up. The owner immediately apologized and told me we have bad news.
Apparently when they were testing the new brakes, the mechanic drove through a huge puddle (we were in a flash flood warning) and water got into the intake and cylinders 1 and 2.
They admitted fault and told me they would do everything necessary to get me back on the road ASAP. I got a voicemail around closing time today. The owner said things were progressing smoothly and the new engine should be installed by tomorrow evening.

It sounds like I'm getting a brand new or rebuilt engine. I don't whether to be happy or upset about this ordeal. :confused:
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