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Dr. Dyno has reported a post.

This one shows up as "Moderated" and when I sign out it doesn't appear under "New Posts" so I assume no members can see it either. Signing back in I see the "Approve Posts" option but wondered if the link in the signature is okay.
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Posted by: LaceyM
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Hello all! I just joined this forum, and I'm excited to share the joy of owning a a Rav4 with everyone!

I had been saving up for a car for a while, and was able to get a great deal on a 2013 Rav4 recently (which is perfect having just graduated from college). A couple of years old, I know, but a great deal nonetheless. I definitely needed a small SUV for short-term trips to different states with friends or for just visiting family. Definitely enough space to fit all my camping and photography gear in. What else can I say, I love my car. :smile

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Yeah, it was moderated because a newbie can't have a URL or picture in their post until they have posted 5 times. I edited her sig and approved the post. I don't mind a URL to a user's web page in their sig, but when it's for a business that seems like advertising to me.
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