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Was this approved? No reason not to but it shows up twice. Here at 6:10 (my time) and as moderated at 6:03. I seems either moderation was bypassed because otherwise there'd be a duplicate which we would have deleted.
Post: I've just got an RAV4 III (2008)!!
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Posted by: islandiado
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Hello to everyone;

I'm as new to the forum as i'm to the car, since i bought a 2008 used RAV4 III the last week. It's a gasoline, 2000cc and 152hp with manual transmission.

I live in Iceland (now for almost 3 years), though I'm originally from Spain... but already got used to the particular weather conditions, mainly in the winter time :D . And here in Iceland is where i bought the Toyota.

The first car i bought here was a Suzuki Jimny, which was kind of OK, but mainly for the size i had to sell it... too small and too uncomfortable... after this one I got my second car, an Isuzu Trooper 3.0 TDI modified with 35'' tyres and lift (among other things)... I got the tool I needed for off-road and heavy snow winter situations, but still not good enough to make miles (it's like driving a tractor)... So i bought this one. I hope to get a good balance between being comfortable and some basic-medium skills in moderate-high snow and other hellish weather conditions.

Some pics of my SUV:

EDIT: Being a 0 posts user i cannot add pics... i'll attach them later on


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I think the moderation kicks in when a newbie posts a duplicate. I have seen a few other moderated posts, and I'm not sure what triggered them.
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