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Post: Towing capacity
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Posted by: ST-Bob
Original Content:
Now that the 2016 hybrid Rav4 is out, there's some question about its towing capacity with the Toyota hitch. Some things in favor of raising the towing capacity are:

* No torque converter or clutches in the Hybrid Synergy Drive system

* Standard anti-sway system built into the traction control/vehicle stability control system

* Higher net HP than the standard I4 (Up to 194 HP from the conventional 176)

* Dynamic braking from the electric motors to reduce load on conventional friction brakes

* Additional vehicle weight over conventional powertrain (especially at rear axle)

* No additional battery capacity, charging capacity, starting capacity or cooling capacity required for hybrid - it's already built in

So what do you say? I'd say the standard I4's 1500 pound capacity could be safely increased to 1750 or maybe even 2000 pounds. Sound about right?
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