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Post: Bosy Side Mouldings
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Posted by: piratefan
Original Content:
Yesterday I installed body side mouldings on my 2015 Rav4. After reading the instructions I was really fearful of screwing up the install . The instructions have the measurements in millameters which I converted to inches. What I finally figured out was the measurements are not as critical as the instructions portray. If you use common sense and get the measurements close on the front door and use a straight edge to line up the rear moulding with the front door the install will look great. Left side following the instructions to a tee took two hours. Rt side using the straight edge took ten minutes.
Some of the instructions measurements: I could not find a tape that measures in mm so I converted mm to inches.
83mm= 3.27 inch
350mm= 13.78 inch
7.8mm=.307 inch.
These measurments are absurd. How do you measure .307 of an inch?
I taped the mouldings in place, lined them up and installed. Look great.
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