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Post: Do you have to adjust the cargo floor to use the OEM cargo mat?
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There are no battery vents into the cabin, none. The intake vents under the seats are a different thing. The battery exhaust vents go into the under-deck area.
Are you stupid? The intake vents under / on the sides of the seats are intake vents. The vents, yes they are VENTS, that I am speaking of behind the back seat on the front face of that small storage compartment are discharge vents, just like the owners manual says. Run you fingers over that area and you will feel the vents. Also when you hear the faint hum of those intake fans on, you will feel warm air coming out of those discharge vents. If your still in denial, I can't cure stupid..

You are not venting the batteries like Boeing does to vent their smoke and battery acid vapors on the 787...they are circulation vents to keep the battery's cool.
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