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Post: Real-World MPG on your Hybrid Rav4
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Posted by: Hill2Pay
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Actually 450 miles is not unusual. And if you get close to 40mpg you can expect 500 miles per tank.
Hi, Shirley!
Unless you drive like Bishoparc, or drive the same commute route as rdgrimes (who will probably stop to help you when you are stranded by the roadside after you run out of gas) (You’ll recognize him – he’ll be the self-important aswsipe on a soapbox spouting off personally-approved truisms), I would consider the statistics that you can digest on your own at Fuelly - Track and Compare your MPG

Of the 10 most active participants on that website with RAV4 Hybrids, only three drivers have ever gone over 400 miles on a tank. The aforementioned Bishoparc has gone over 400 miles on 7 of his 17 tanks of gas. Richtex has gone over 400 on 3 of his 18 tanks, and JLWatts has gone over 400 miles on 3 of his 14 tanks. The other seven of the top ten drivers on Fuelly (myself included) have driven ZERO tanks over 400 miles - out of a total of 95 tanks of gas...

I’m just’ sayin’. :kiss

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