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Post: Real-World MPG on your Hybrid Rav4
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Posted by: ST-Bob
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I took a 427 mile trip from central Massachusetts to Sunday River Ski Area in Newry Maine and back today. The dashboard display showed 37.7 MPG for this trip. I had reset the MPG after warming up the Rav4 and getting on the highway.

Fuelly, which I use religiously to track mileage, says I obtained 36.7 "real" MPG after filling to the brim with 3 cycles of the pump shutting off. This is the way I filled it yesterday before heading to maine so it's probably accurate within a few ounces of fuel usage. My 2-tank average (the dealer gave me a full tank last Thursday) is 32.8 MPG which I suspect will rise over multiple tanks and as warm weather approaches.

On today's trip I did only a little 'hypermiling', staying at or a couple of MPH above the posted limit and following big trucks occasionally on the freeway. The weather was warm today so I turned off the climate control after lunch. I was on 65 or 70 MPH freeways about 60% of the trip and the rest was secondary roads of 30 to 60 MPH.

My signature below will show the average MPG over time. Please feel free to add your MPG readings so we can all benefit from them

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