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This guy posted once before with no picture. He asked for a few dollars shipping. I told him that free or not it involved money so pictures must be posted. He did nothing so I deleted it. Now here he is again, no pictures, no information as to what these manuals are for, and reworded the ad. No money mentioned. In addition he asks to be emailed and gives no address.

Should I just leave this alone or delete it and give him a warning? Seems he's doing everything possible to avoid a picture and weasel around requirements. Technically there is no money involved the way it is worded so there is no need for a picture but he's pushing it intentionally. I don't want to be a dick but..........
Post: FREE Toyota Rav4 Sport Leather case with-
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Posted by: revinkevin
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Free leather Toyota rav4 sport leather case with owners, maintenance manuals and warranty books in great codition. local pickup or email me.

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I say just leave it. I doubt he will get many responses.
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