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This should be in the 4.3 Mechanical forum, not 4.4 Mechanical
Post: Torque Specs Neded ASAP!
Forum: 4.4 Mechanical
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Posted by: rfigueroa1976
Original Content:
Please provide torque specs for the following:

Bolts for the bearing hub assembly (four bolts that hold the bearing/hub)
Bolts for the caliper brackets (Two bolts)
Bolts/pins for the caliper pistons (Two bolts)
Lug nuts for the tires. (five lug nuts)

I'm in the process of changing out Pads, rotors, and hub assembley on both sides. I've spent a good amount of time searching for threads but only find info on the 4Cyl. I also tired to DL the digital version of the service manual but i keep getting a error message (i think it's my computer).

Please help asap.
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