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Researching Rav4

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Hello, I'm currently looking into purchasing a newer Rav 4 hybrid. I'm not quite sure what packages I should be looking for, or if there's anything I should know about these vehicles before purchasing? Any help or input is greatly appreciated!
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I'm always thinking in this way but than I start thinking about extra costs of hybrid and cost of battery replacement in future...
What I really like from hybrid is it's bulletproof and easy to service transmission.
Naturally take this for what's worth but I watched a video on youtube the other day where the guy (A Toyota sales/tech/?? guy) stated they'd never replaced a hybrid battery since he worked there since 2007 or 2008. They replaced one that the customer had tried to rig something up and destroyed theirs. IDK if that's true, but it was on youtube so it's gotta be right, right!?
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