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And the reviews keep on coming!
The Detroit News "Toyota RAV4 grows up"

A stellar review praises the all-powerful new 3.5L V6, ponderings as to whether Toyota will fill the hole left by the RAV4's size increase, comments from a Toyota marketing VP that says there are no plans for a hybrid model "in the short term" (whatever *that* means in marketing-speak :? ) and marvels on about the RAV4's serious, aggressive, sleek appearance.

She poo-poos a rearward view cut by the spare tire and brings up the idea of including a rear view camera, but not parking radar, which would be much cheaper. Again, we hear about the cramped third row seats, and finally someone else mentions that skipping the navigation system (and she also wants adjustable pedals) and making side airbags an extra option is a "Bad Thing"TM.
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