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Pls. find below what i obtained from another site. Has anybody in our forum done this exercise. Is it really easy for a non-professional guy to do or will it mess up the security system! your suggestions/comments please.

"Can I add a remote to my RS3000 security system?

From Thomas A. Yurick by way of
Mark Miller:

First, some background info. You will need to find the ECU for the
alarm/keyless RS3000 system. Mine is under the drivers seat. Looking at the side with the connectors on it, there is a small button or hole on the right-hand side. you will need to press the button or insert a paper clip into the hole to press the switch inside, following the instructions below. The Status Monitor is the the Red LED light on the dash that says "security" under it. This procedure seems quite simple, although the manual still advises one to contact a dealer to do it. It sure isn't worth $76! Be sure that you follow the procedure exactly or there is a chance that you might mess up the programming of the original remote. If that happens, just follow the procedure again to add the remote back to the system.

1. Insert key into the ignition switch and turn to "ON".

2. Press and hold the ECU's programming switch for 3 seconds.
The Status Monitor LED turns on for 5 seconds.


3. Press and release the remote control's top or bottom button
(whichever one you want to operate the system).
The Status Monitor LED turns off.
The Piezo "chirper" chirps once.
The exterior lights flash once.

4. Turn off the ignition. The ECU will now operate with the remote
just programmed."

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I originally helped a few members with this procedure in the DIY forum. It's amazing how simple this is to do. I've also had so many people email me regarding this procedure since that posting. Who'd of knew so many people have problems with their key fobs? :D
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