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I haven't been on this forum for a bit, and I do have a Thinkware 2K QHD 2-channel front/rear dash cam which I bought from Amazon here I really like it since it has a great night view front/rear with ability to make out the license plate in the dark, and even when there's bright headlight shining on the license plate. And since it's hardwired, it stays on 24/7 and captures things happening while the car is parked.

The only downside with any of these higher-end dash cams is the accessibility, and I came across the "RING Dashcam"
supposedly, you can hook it up to your OBD so easy plug/play, and it's monthly based with a minor fee which allows you to view it on your phone in real time "when connected to wifi in your garage" which I really like.

If anyone is interested in the RING dashcam, they are supposed to ship it out soon and I placed an order for mine about 3 weeks ago. I think this would be ideal for those that are having a hard time hard-wiring their dash cam, or looking for a nice but easy to install dash cam.

Amazon link for Ring Dash cam here

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