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Hi, I'm currently living in Botswana and recently bought a second hand 2001 RAV4, 2.0 VVTi AWD with Auto-transmission.

The RAV4 does not have roof rails on it, but it does have the slots on the roof (3 on both sides) and I am having trouble finding roof rails for it here. The Toyota dealership said they could get me a set, but the price they gave me was a quarter of the price I paid for the car itself, so that's out of the question.

The car industry in Botswana is such that along with the regular "official" car dealerships (Toyota, BMW, VW, etc. etc.), there are a lot of "unofficial" dealers who import second hand cars from Japan (apparently the laws in Japan state that cars older than 5 years can't be driven there anymore and so they export them to countries, such as Botswana, where they can be bought for much cheaper than from the "official" dealers...granted they are second hand, of course), so finding spare parts for the Japanese imports isn't always easy.

Therefore, my first question is: Are the roof rails for a RAV4 2001 model the same, no matter where the car is bought or imported from?

And secondly, does anyone know where I could find adequate roof rails for this model, online and if they could be shipped to Botswana....and of course not cost as much as 1/4 of the RAV itself?

Thanks in advance for any info/help on the matter.


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