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Hi All, I thought I'd post this in case others have this issue.

My Wifes Mk2 RAV4 3 door 2005 XTR developed overnight a loud knocking noise from the rear left wheel. I investigated for an hour or so but could not find any issues.

I took it to my local Kwikfit who popped it onto a ramp and after about 20 minutes found the issue.

The problem, that the team at Kwikfit said was fairly common, was a issue with the brake disk. Apparently there was a very small pocket of air in the metal which cause a small blister. This pushed the metal out therefore hitting the brake pad causing the knocking. It's a new one on me.

After 20 miles the pad got worn in and the noise vanished. I have purchased a new disk to fit when I change the pads next time.

I hope this helps someone as I was completely flummoxed.
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