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Rough price for 14-50R installation in Maryland?

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We have an existing 30 amp 220V outlet in our garage for a wall heater installed by the previous owner. We had an electrician come out and give us an estimate - he said that the existing outlet is too low for the cable length on a typical charger (it is near the floor) so he needs to install a junction box, and he can add a new 14-50R outlet (for the 32 A charger) plus restore the existing outlet to the junction box. His formal quote:

Furnish and install 14-50R tapped off of existing wiring. Includes installing junction box and re-installing existing receptacle. $660 total.

This is about double the expected cost - considering they is no need to install the 220V wiring/breaker. Is this quote unreasonable?
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Yes it's a rip off. If it were me I'd skip the plug, run flex conduit between the existing box and hardwire into the EVSE (all of the good ones support, and even recommend hardwire. That avoids the NEC code mandated GFCI and nuisance tripping. $20 in parts from the Depot (plus a few clamps and maybe a box cover) and 15 min and done. Folks do handstands to get a plug that matches the EVSE. Skip it!

The electrical box is no joke. I'm always on my toes the few times I worked in there. Just be safe is all, I agree plumbers and electricians overcharge a lot. $660 ain't bad I mean if you put a price on your health. I mean if you get roasted another guy is going to get the keys to your RAV4 prime and probably move into the house just saying. Not to mention well I won't mention it lol. Think about that and weigh the pros and cons.
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