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Rough price for 14-50R installation in Maryland?

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We have an existing 30 amp 220V outlet in our garage for a wall heater installed by the previous owner. We had an electrician come out and give us an estimate - he said that the existing outlet is too low for the cable length on a typical charger (it is near the floor) so he needs to install a junction box, and he can add a new 14-50R outlet (for the 32 A charger) plus restore the existing outlet to the junction box. His formal quote:

Furnish and install 14-50R tapped off of existing wiring. Includes installing junction box and re-installing existing receptacle. $660 total.

This is about double the expected cost - considering they is no need to install the 220V wiring/breaker. Is this quote unreasonable?
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Thanks for the clearer replies. I was hoping to get this done quickly now that we have the Prime, from a company that has been reasonable in the past, but I guess I need to get some more quotes. (My thought was an hour's labor and about $50 in parts so I estimated no more than $300.)
What is somewhat unclear and may be related to the higher cost is the fact that the existing heater outlet is 30 amps. Does that mean that it has a 30 amp breaker in the panel? If that is the case, the wire size from the panel to the heater outlet may be #10, which is rated for 30 amps. 40 amps would require at least #8 wiring. Does the electrician have to re-run that cable? He does not state that in his short job description, but that may be implied.

Also, depending on the EVSE you get, there may not be any controls on the EVSE. My chargepoint has nothing that is used associated with daily charging. The charging cord is simply taken from the hanger and plugged into the car. Charging starts automatically. So you could use the 1.5 foot cord and plug the EVSE into the existing outlet, assuming the circuit supports 40 amps. Just get an EVSE that plugs into the existing outlet.
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