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Rough price for 14-50R installation in Maryland?

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We have an existing 30 amp 220V outlet in our garage for a wall heater installed by the previous owner. We had an electrician come out and give us an estimate - he said that the existing outlet is too low for the cable length on a typical charger (it is near the floor) so he needs to install a junction box, and he can add a new 14-50R outlet (for the 32 A charger) plus restore the existing outlet to the junction box. His formal quote:

Furnish and install 14-50R tapped off of existing wiring. Includes installing junction box and re-installing existing receptacle. $660 total.

This is about double the expected cost - considering they is no need to install the 220V wiring/breaker. Is this quote unreasonable?
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In the last 2 years, I've seen the prices charged by plumbers, electricians, and other trades go crazy. I believe paying reasonable prices for parts and services, but many in the trades are just very greedy. The only thing you can do is just say NO, and find somebody that is honest......
Yep. Labor rates for skilled trades have gone insane and people are willing to pay it. I guess in some cases they don't really have a choice.

My 240V circuit is going to run me anywhere from $1500 to $3000. The breaker box is inside the house on a different floor than the garage so my run will go through several walls, a bathroom, a soffit or two, then finally inside about 15 feet of conduit that will be mounted to my garage ceiling. I'd think I won the lottery if someone offered to do it for $650.

I think the $650 for a very short run near the panel is a bit much but nowadays "a bit much" applies to all the trades you mentioned.
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