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rust forming left side

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OO forgot to put the leftside on too of the hinge. Here is that picture.


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I just checked my 2013 LE, no rust, but I am sure that there might be some that has now migrated into visibility yet..I live in the NE, on Long Island, NY where they use salt in the winters.
If I had found rust like yours, I would remove the screws and try to lift up the hinge just enough to pass a paper towel sheet between the hinge and the body and see if any rust came off onto the paper towel. If so, I would spray some PB Blaster Corrosion Stop onto the towel and keep passing it between the space until the towel comes out clean and rust-free. Now, spray the PB Blaster Corrosion Stop into the area between the hinge and the bodyand wipe off excess. The PB Blaster Corrosion Stop will protect the metal and leave a protective film on the applied surfaces.
Thanks, let me ask would you take it to the dealer to complain, or is it a waste of time. I believe it should not happen so soon. Since I only have the car for 16 months. Also it has to be more rain getting in there than snow. Since it rains alot more than snow. your thoughts?
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