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I agree with the safety features. Bitching Betty :) warns me when I need warning. To be honest, I am a much more aggressive driver than my wife, and I'm an old fart. It's saved me more than once.

Cruise - I love the adaptive cruise, but you really ought not to use it on hilly roads, that's an oxymoron. Deal with it. If you are in an environment where cruise needs to deal with drivers on phones, you ought not to be on cruise. Back to adaptive cruise - my wife despises CC, but she loves the new version with our 2018 RAV4.

BD, I think you need to rethink your comments, with all due respect.
Some of the safety features do make sense, I am sure good people like you use them to there full ability. Some are just damn annoying. My wife likes all the bells & whistles of these safety features, many heated arguments we have had about them & there use.
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