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San Antonio Express-News: RAV4 on a power trip

Web Posted: 03/31/2006 12:00 AM CST

San Antonio Express-News

Now, there's room for two more.

For some, that's probably the biggest news concerning the completely redesigned Toyota RAV4.

Or perhaps it's that a V-6 engine is now available, in addition to the base four-cylinder.

But for some, the fact that the RAV4 can now tow up to 3,500 pounds just might be the kicker.
And with all three of the RAV's new attributes put together — the ability to seat seven people instead of just five, V-6 power, and expanded towing capacity — this vehicle seems ready to appeal to a much broader range of consumers.

I'm sure that was Toyota's idea in creating the RAV4's third generation, which went on sale in December as a slightly late-arriving 2006 model.

With the redesign, Toyota hopes to continue moving the RAV4 from its original niche-vehicle status into a mass-appeal sport utility that can fill the needs of families looking for an affordable family hauler.

The extra power and seating capacity allow consumers to have the attributes of larger SUVs without giving up the economy of operation that a compact sport utility provides.

More to read at the full article...
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