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yes this thing came from my prized HOT LAVA xB. its so awesome! i didnt want to get rid of it, but i got the pioneer avicN1, and in my rav4 i have a Pioneer 960MP, and this head unit is just sitting here! so ANYONE WANT TO BUY IT?

i saw that someone on here bougth a 1 disc instead of a 6 disc... so if that person or any other person is interested. let me know

they are $500 at hte dealerships and i had it in my scion from March 20th through the end of August. its in PERFECT condition.

it displays 10 different colors, and is ready for xm radio too, you just hafta buy the xM radio stuff from teh dealerships for a scion.

IT WILL WORK on a rav4.2

$300 OBO
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