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Reminds me of an xB on steroids; it is certainly different, but in a good way. :wink:

Things I like about the t2B:

The van sliding and suicide doors (can be very functional for a family)
The LED headlamps/foglamp/tail lights (way cool)
The interior ceiling lamps that changes colors
The exhaust that exits through the bumper (nice touch)
The 18 inch billet wheels and lowered look (may not be too practical though)

Things that could be better:

The Star Trek dash board (way too radical for my tastes)
The huge blindspot in the rear 3/4 of the vehicle
Could do without the projector screen in the back window (too gimmicky for me)

Other than that, I really like it. Very unique and very fitting for Scion. I am sure that if they did build it, many people will buy them. :D
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