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Hello All!

I am brand new to the forum, and a brand new Rav4 owner, I just bought a '98.

It has a couple of problems I need to get fixed right away, And I think they are linked.... The seat belt light flashes in the cluster constantly, even when I am wearing the belt, and the Cruise Control is not working. I assume the cruise isn't working because the system thinks I am not wearing my seatbelt, and it is some sort of safety feature??

anyway, does anyone know how to fix the seatbelt so it knows when it is plugged in?

thanks for any help!

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I experienced the same problem in my 1998 RAV4 a couple of years ago with the seatbelt light always flashing on the dash, especially when the seatbelt is in use (buckled up).

What happened after several months is that the seatbelt assembly in the pillar started functioning in such a way that it stopped the light from blinking on the dash. I was glad the the seatbelt light stopped flashing! It was really annoying!!!

After owning my 1998 RAV4 for nearly 7.5 years now, the driver's side seatbelt retraction mechanism in the assembly had gotten really weak. The seatbelt now needed extra help from me to help it retract the way it should into the pillar.

I had an opportunity to buy a new seatbelt assembly on Ebay several months ago and did just that. The seatbelt assembly for first generation RAV4's is just shy of $200 (retail price). I bought one on ebay for about $25 plus shipping.

I installed it within a fews days after receiving it. Let me tell you, the new seatbelt retracts quickly!!! In addition to that, the seatbelt light on the dash functions the way it should: when the ignition is on, the seatbelt light blinks to remind you to put your seatbelt on. When I buckle up, the seatbelt dashlight turns off!

Perfect! Good as new!

I recommend visiting a autoparts recycle yard to find a driver's side seatbelt assembly to save some money. Or if you want to pay retail price for a new one, visit your local Toyota dealership parts department.


My cruise control stopped functioning properly after about a year after I bought my 1998 RAV4 new from Toyota. Since it was under warranty, the entire cruise control assembly was replaced. It has been working correctly ever since.

If you are an avid user of your cruise control, I recommend having it replaced at your local Toyota dealership.

Good luck!
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