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Here is the chart of color for the Second-Generation US-Spec RAV4. If you see an error please post it here and I will correct the page and graphic ASAP. You can upload a photo of your car by clicking on the LINK, then clicking on the appropriate camera icon next to your color.

If you need me to update the chart please post your model year (or production date), color code and a description or photo of your car. For now this is for US-Spec cars only, I will add other countries in the future.

Black (202) 01-05

Everglade Metallic (6T6) 04-05

Flint Mica (1E0) 04-05

Frosted White Pearl (064) 01-05

Impulse Red Pearl (3P1) 01-03

Natural White (056) 01-03

Rainforest Pearl (6S3) 01-03

Salsa Red Pearl (3Q3) 04-05

Savannah Metallic (4R4) 04-05

Spectra Blue Mica (8M6) 01-05

Super White (040) 04-05

Titanium Metallic (1D4) 01-05

Vintage Gold Metallic (586) 01-03
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