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Hey I'm selling my 2005 6 cd changer head unit from my Scion tC. Its a double-din head unit and barely used because I got an aftermarket one after a month!

In-dash 6-disc changer
10 color change LCD display
built-in DSP sound equalization, SCION Sound Processing (SSP), MP3 compressed audio playback, MP3 Sound Re-Touch (SRT), programmable message on display, hidden messages in unit
Up to 10 hours of playback 1 disc, 160 watts max power, 6 speaker system, satellite radio control, XM Satellite Radio tuner (optional)

Hoping to sell for $150 shipped! Feel free to PM me or contact me via e-mail: [email protected] or AIM: TommyRocketpants[/b]

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wuhoo523 said:
looks like it should be a perfect fit, ill ask around in the scion forums and get back to ya :D
That picture doesn't look like a Scion unit, or even a 6cd unit. Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought the Scion 6cd unit looked identical to the single player which you can see here (in my 2005 S);

If I had the money, I'd buy it, but after Christmas and before taxes is just the wrong time for me right now.


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ccaddy said:
... or probably not .
The 4.1's are single din . :(

Correct! Only the 2001's and on are double din.

Problem with the 6CD internal changers is that the amp usually gets displaced to an external unit and the wiring harnesses don't always match up with the single CD units.
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