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1997 Rav4, 5speed, AWD I have put in new 5th gear fix, new clutch, & new shifter cables. This had my old
Rav4 shifting good. Now I have a new issue that just started.
I noticed a couple of days ago that when I shifted from 2nd to 3rd, the shifting was much harder when I went across to shift to 3rd. It is now worse. When I try to shift to 3rd from 2nd, I cannot get the shifter to go across to shift into 3rd. It stops but will still work in 1 or 2nd. Same thing when I try to shift from 3-5th back to 1st or second. Shifter won't go across when I try to go back to 2nd or 1st.
If I push down on the top of the shifter like when going into reverse, I can get the shifter to go across and into 3rd from 2nd or back into 2nd from 3-5th.
Has anyone else experienced this problem?
I definitely need some help as my wife cannot drive the car like it is now so I am under the gun to get this fixed.
Any ideas/suggestions would be much appreciated.

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