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Hi Everyone,

Recently I replaced the injectors for brand new ones, also, replaced the adapters for the same. Valve cover seal and gourmets. Replaced the fuel filter, and both Oxygen sensors of bank 1. I'm super happy for the economy in fuel and power these replacements resulted.. for sure it's made my Rav feel better and run like it should.

One problem though,, I'm still getting the vibrations.. On gear (D/1/2/R) and full stop. I wonder if these hoses in the pictures attached are supposed to flow air.. I replaced the hose that goes from the middle of the injectors below the valve cover, to the IAC valve.. I blew on it, but seem no air was going through. I wonder if this is clogged and it's causing the engine to bad iddle.. vibration.. 650 -690 rpm.

Also, on the image attached I wonder if this also supposed to have air flowing.. or vacum I blew on it and no air passage. I wonder if any of you know where these hoses supposed to go.. and confirm if there's no air through,, I should unclog with a snake or wire.

Here is an image with arrows where I need to know if there should be air through.. which explains why it shakes.. air is not being sucked by the IAC therefore engine shakes..
our ravs are getting old now.
if you have not done the hoses and the rest of the rubber now is the time for sure.
8-10 years max on the rubber stuff.
hidden cracking causes lots of issues.
a mityvac test kit is handy to find these leaks

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Hi iowagold, Thank you for your input. I do have that,, but may not know how I can test the lines, I will have to search for proper pressures on every hose connection.

I was wondering getting a EVAP smoke machine leak detector. Do you know of a good brand?

I saw this one:

Do you know if it's worth it?

smoke machines are not all that for me....

for the basic test use the mighty vac as a vac to make the -20 in as vac on the line removed from the intake.
if the read out drops fast it is a bad leak.

isolate to smaller sections at this point.

for me i like dish soap mixed with water then use the mightyvac as a pump to give a bit of pressure like 10-15 psi as a stand alone test.
if the read out drops right off you have a BIG leak.

some use break clean when the engine is running for areas around the carburetor or throttle body or intake manifold.
if the speed changes on rpm that is a leak area.

take your time i bet you find cracks inside the hoses.
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