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Hi guys, would love some advice. Have been trawling the forum and found some similar issues but nothing quite the same.

Locked the C.diff on my 1994 manual Rav4 to negiotiate a steep grassy slope. Had to give it the beans to get it up the slope and had big wheelspin, then slope changed to tarmac and the drivetrain loaded up as the wheels found grip.

Now after that when I engage the c.diff then disengage, the c.diff alarm does not go off for extended perioed of time unless I jump off the clutch in reverse. The car seems to behave the same with the C.diff engaged, i.e. crabby/shunty on a very slow speed tight turn.

My big question is what have I damaged- is it the transfer case and if so can I remove/replace the transfer case without removing engine, gearbox?

Any advice would be great. I aim to run those diagnostics on the c.diff from the online manual.



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Sometimes the alarm and/or the indicator light on the dash go off without the CDL having actually been disengaged. Probably, there is not any damage done, just a stubborn bind.
In this thread you will find recommendations about disengaging "stubborn" CDL situations:

If you still can't get the differential to unlock, then try to limit your commutes until someone more knowledgeable chimes in and helps you resolve the issue.
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