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SOLD: 19-20 Rav4 Center Console Trays - (1) OEM & (1) Aftermarket

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Hey guys,

I've got 2 center console trays for sale today. The OEM version I used for a few months and the aftermarket one I purchased and never used because I found the same one but in blue (to match the blue on my hybrid). These are coming from NC.

OEM 2019-2020 RAV4 Tray, SOLD

Brand New Aftermarket 2019-2020 RAV4 Tray Red (eBay), SOLD

Let me know if you have any questions or need more photos!

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I forgot to mention. The OEM tray fits perfectly and allows access to the bottom of the center console storage area providing an extra storage space a litte less than half the area.

The aftermarket version does not allow access to the bottom but can be removed to reveal the bottom, this units has alot of compartments and a coin area.
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