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Saw this while going through my emails.

Above: Render of what the next gen. model might look like.

Main pointers;
-Possibility of reintroducing the RAV4 back into the Japanese Domestic Market (Current generation model is for export only.), after Honda announced revival of the CR-V for Japan sometime in 2018.
-Will ride on the TNGA platform & use the A52A engine from the 2018 Camry.

Source (Link In Japanese):

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Here's the translated page.


Toyota RAV 4, after three years of repeated revival? Fire of SUV boom

November 14, 2017 08: 00 (Tue)

Toyota's compact crossover SUV "RAV 4", which had been finished selling in Japan in 2016, was found to have a possibility of reviving into the Japanese market in the next model, which is said to be released in 2019 . Based on information from overseas, response brothers site Spyder 7 produced expected CG with expectation.

RAV 4 which was born in 1994 gained popularity as the origin of the crossover SUV, and it is said that it later became the trigger of the birth of Honda "CR - V" and Nissan "X - trail". However, pushed by the subsequent forces, although it was missed at the end of the third generation released in 2005, it was finished selling in Japan.

The current model is for overseas use only and is currently being sold in Europe, North America, South America etc. However, introduction to Japan has not been done. However, according to overseas agent who acquired the scoop, it reports that it is highly likely that the next model expected to appear in 2019 will be fully populated into the Japanese market.

In this CG produced based on the information, we presented a crossoverly "boxy" silhouette to the urban "C-HR". Make the tire house bulge, appealing power and hardness. The front emphasizes a slight extrusion feeling from the current type being sold abroad. The V type wing bar which was adopted also for large inlet and crown is arranged on the left and right. The light was a triple LED.

In the next model, it seems to adopt the "TNGA" platform adopted in "Prius" and others, and the powertrain is expected to be adopted as the A25A type inline, the inline four-cylinder gasoline engine "Dynamic Force Engine" installed in the new "Camry" A model is said to be powerful.

Speaking of the reintroduction into the Japanese market, it has just been announced that Honda CR - V will revive in just one year from the end of sales. That is why expectations for re-introduction of RAV 4 will also increase.
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