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Angel, I can see you now, making a list of more mods you will be getting for your RAV!

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My type of Rav4!

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OK, first I would like to thank Xauterus who hooked me up with the link with this information. This is all that monster RAV4 has that you see above running Solo I. Interesting list with some stuff I didn't know could work on a RAV4. Some stuff I already have, and surprisingly the APEXI computer for turbo can work, which is already installed.

Toyota RAV4 Turbo 4x4. 1997 Toyota RAV4 3 door chassis, and a
1997 Toyota Celica GT-four engine.
Straight cut dog box transmission. Very short 5 speed gearbox, max speed is 180-190km/h.

2011 the engine is fully rebuild
1. new wise co pistons
2. eagle connecting rods (H profil)
3. 1200cc RC injectors
4. NozzS fuel rail
5. new bearings
6. ARP cylinder head bolt kit
7. New turbo (now max 1 bar)
8. Stronger Brian Crowler valve springs
9. 5 stage clutch (Stage 5 - This clutch is for racing only. It is of a 3 puck ceramic design and offers optimum performance for the drag strip.)
10. Aeromotive fuel pressure control
11. tein wastegate
12. HKS turbo pressure control (0,7-2BAR)
13. Electric power steering
14. VEMS ecu
15. ALS launch control
16. Electric brake vacuum (from Saab)
17. HKS air filter
18. front intercooler
19. engine oil coolers
20. gearbox oil cooler
21. Celica center visco clutch
22. Rav4 front and rear diffs
23. Bilstein shocks
24. Front brakes: Lancer EVO 4 Piston Brembo with 323mm discs (from Toyota Supra), EBC yellow stuff brake pads
25. Rear brakes: RAV4 front discs with Celica gt-four rear calipers.

More pics:
Toyota RAV4 Turbo 4x4 tuning (Ludikarav) - CARSTYLING.HU :: Magyar Autótuning Portál és Webáruház
youtube search \\\"ludika86\\\" channel than 2011-2012 rav4 turbo vids

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Of course she is primarily a track car but this would leave her without an emergency brake, unless the GT-Four calipers have a built in emergency brake. On a car with a standard tranny I don't think I could eliminate the emergency brakes.
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